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Envisioning a future where custom-made tabletop games evolve into influential strategic assets fostering playful resolutions and transformation in every corner of the globe.



Sophia Burrell International, Inc., is a boutique board game studio, seamlessly integrating gamification, psychology, critical thinking, and playful engagement. Our primary mission is to elevate strategic playfulness, particularly tailored for the service industry. 

Mission:  Transform work life challenges into power plays.


Values: We are unassuming by nature. Our  tabletop games are built with heart, a creative spirit, boldness, integrity and passion to satisfy our customers.


Sophia is the founder and CEO of Sophia Burrell International, Inc. Renowned as the self-proclaimed Board Game Goddess, Sophia possesses expertise in crafting custom-made tabletop games on a myriad of subjects. Prior to ascending to her status in board game creation, Sophia delivered impactful talks in over 20 high schools across NY, DC, and NJ, extending her reach even to female inmates at Rikers Island.

Armed with an MSc in Psychology in one hand and four self-published books in the other, she swiftly recognized the unforeseen challenges of navigating the entrepreneurial landscape as a solopreneur. Undeterred she persisted.



Sophia conceived of her inaugural board game as a business kit to showcase her  distinctive brand, the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method. The triumph of this initial venture ignited a fresh wave of creativity and enthusiasm, leading to the development of over 10 tabletop games. These diverse games span various topics, including relationships, wine, politics, strategy, and personal development.



Among Sophia's collection of four self-published books, '7 Traits for V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.' (now rebranded as 'Reconfigured Victory') stands out as the most popular. Its success led to the development of an online course titled 'Gamify Your Goals to Win,' where the principles outlined in the book are expertly translated into actionable strategies for success. The V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. acronym encapsulates a meticulously crafted methodology, ingeniously devised by Sophia. This framework strategically aligns the optimal utilization of seven exceptional attributes, ensuring their adept management, organization, and execution for unparalleled success.



In late 2022, Sophia embarked on an experimental journey by crafting a playful yet educational game centered around plumbing for a friend. Themed around common overflow scenarios like toilets, sewers, and kitchen sinks, this marked the first instance where she expanded the horizons of tabletop games, showcasing their potential as a strategic tool for brand management, customer acquisition, engagement, and even fostering business growth for small to medium-sized companies.  



In the early months of 2023, Sophia embarked on a three-month backpacking journey across Europe, unveiling her innovative concept at numerous tradeshows and companies in prominent cities such as London, Paris, and Amsterdam. It was during this journey that the game 'Beat my Addiction' took shape, delving into the intricacies of behavior therapy for an Addiction Specialist based in London, UK.

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Reconfigured Victory

Reconfigured Victory is a book that explores the anatomy of victory through 7 superior attributes, analyzing how they come about to hold such influence. The word 'victory' is used as an acronym symbolizing vivacious, initiative, confidence, tenacity, optimism and yearning desire. Part of this book's theory is that confidence is the ringleader of all these traits, relaying instructions on how to function, if at all.

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