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Imagine a custom-made board game using your story as the narrative.



Sophia Burrell International, Inc., is a boutique creative space where gamification, psychology, critical and playful thinking are integrated. We are a New York City based company that is registered in UK, USA. Europe, Australia and Africa.  

We design and build board games and card games with a company's story and brand message driving the narrative. Quite frankly, we idealize Plato's quote that, "you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."


Sophia is the founder and CEO of Sophia Burrell International, Inc. Sophia is the self-proclaimed, Board Game Goddess.  Her talent of creating custom-made tabletop games about any subject matter is legendary. Long before she was the goddess of creating board games, Sophia spoke in 20+ High Schools in NY, DC, NJ and to female inmates at Rikers Island. With her MSc in Psychology in one hand and 4 self-published books in the other, she quickly realized she was unprepared for the challenges of being solopreneur. Nevertheless, she persisted.


Sophia built her first board game as a business kit to showcase her brand, the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method. The successful first attempt sparked a whole new endeavor and enthusiasm grew for the development of more games, so much so that 10+ tabletop games would follow, covering different topics such as relationships, wine, politics, strategy, personal development.


Towards the end of 2022 Sophia experimented on creating a fun but educational game about plumbing for a friend.  The theme was whatever often overflows, example toilet, sewer, kitchen sink, etc. It was the first time she widened the concept and value of using tabletop games as a strategy for brand management, customer acquisition and engagement, even business growth for small - medium size companies.  


Sophia spent three months backpacking across Europe in early 2023 and introduced this new concept in many tradeshows and companies across London, Paris, Amsterdam. The game "Beat my Addiction" was born diving into the challenges and rewards of behavior therapy for an Addiction Specialist in London, UK.

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