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Prioritize These 7 Traits for the Ultimate Upgrade

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It doesn't matter your ambition, education, experience or background, we all need tools to properly manage, organize, execute, and build ourselves up to achieve our goals and dreams. 6 Steps. 2 Downloadable Workbooks One Week of focus and you're done or pace yourself. The V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method: 7 Enduring Qualities Essential to Victory. The 'I' is for Initiative and where all the action is. This is 'execution station.' Under this quality is where you learn how to lay out the logic of all your short- and long-term goals. Be it, strategic, innovative, dynamic or outside the box. Once you learn how to tap the essence & psychology behind these qualities (V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.), an upgrade is inevitable. Reset to Fast Track: The "gamify your goals chart" is where you reset/reframe so you can fast track ahead of the curve. Your Higher Self: The 'who' behind your own crown is a bit of a mystery waiting to be challenged and established. Bolder Mindset: A bigger and bolder canvas to aim higher, spread your wings and get noticed on the playing field.

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