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Can Tabletop Games Unwrap the Fun & Jingle all the way?

Updated: Jan 11

The winningest group on game night in your experience is who? Your parents, those pesky kids who are too smart for their own good, grandparents, your in-laws or your guest? Have you ever heard anyone say; Ho, Ho, Ho, game on bitches! Then you know you are among friends. Does the simple act of rolling the dice make family fun effortless and enjoyable? Does tabletop games create a festive and cheerful atmosphere? Do they really add a dash of magic to holiday traditions?

How many families do you know end their game night in a fight? It might be jingle all the way.... until someone cheated to get ahead of the game, someone won who was not supposed to, or someone rigged the game to have a competitive advantage. Tabletop games might relieve stress and anxiety at family gatherings but it's never a good sign when someone tries to wrap up the fun by being too honest about their feelings at the table, and the results are never merry and bright.

When playing board games at family gatherings, you have to keep in mind the different type of players that sits down to play. Although they might be family, they still fit the different type of players in any regular games. The "killers" might not be on Santa's playbook, because they are competitive and want to win at all cost whether they are playing with the children or grandma. The "achievers" likes sleighing the competition while earning the high points. An easier outcome might be the socializers and explorers who simply want to have a jolly gameplay experience.

Cheers to dice and delights this holiday season! May there be no frosty fun and family feuds this time around.

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