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Boosting Therapeutic Sessions with Board Games

Improving therapy experiences with board games is surprisingly not as mainstream as it should be. Other therapeutic techniques and tools that are more widely used, does not elevate a brand, but board games work like a branding sidekick to compliment a company's strength and support their main purpose, vision and values. Board games are in a unique position, due to their ability to promote social interaction, communication, problem-solving, and emotional expression among individuals undergoing therapy. They can be particularly beneficial in working with children, adolescents, and even adults in certain therapeutic contexts.

I understand that board games might not fit into some therapeutic approaches that are wide-ranging in terms of methodologies and philosophies in addressing various mental health issues to support individuals in their healing process. It is for this reason why Sophia Burrell International (SBI) has this unique positioning focusing on crafting customized tabletop games weaving a company's brand message, story and services into the narrative. Ultimately, it depends on the therapist discretion of whether a board game fit the framework within their therapeutic approach.

SBI mission is to create customized tabletop games incorporating company's brand message, story and services into the narrative, elevating their brand's impact, perception and assets. The vision is to create custom-made tabletop games as a branding tool and cognitive booster for healthcare and wellness companies in every nook and cranny globally.

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