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Can Board Games be Used as a Branding Sidekick?

Updated: Nov 25

What is a strategic sidekick? Is it a brand elevation partner, that typically collaborates with businesses or individuals to enhance, develop, and transform a brand strategically? Can board games be used as such? If board games can be used as a unique way to engage with a brand by incorporating brand elements within the design, then the purpose of it being a strategic sidekick is tangible. A sidekick evolves beyond a mere supportive companion, it's a valuable tool that compliments the strengths of the leading figure they are working alongside, provide comic relief and is a great cognitive booster.

A strategic brand elevation partner has some important responsibilities in their role. In the context of a board game, their role is used within brand strategy development, brand positioning, brand identity and design and brand experience enhancement. As a sidekick, which is a secondary role, it can assist in showing, refining or defining a brand long term objectives, mission, vision and values. For positioning, it serves to analyze target audience to position the brand effectively and uniquely, see to market trends and competition.

A sidekick, otherwise known as, strategic brand elevation partner can refine the visual elements conveying a consistent brand image, which is an important part of the brand asset creating a compelling and differentiated brand presence in the market.

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