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Digital Authentication Grind: Proving if you are human

Aren't we all tired of proving our humanity during login processes. It's annoying and wearisome. Imagine just this irk alone makes board games (tabletops) more alluring. The tactile, tangible and eye to eye experience is overwhelmingly a more compelling alternative, providing a welcome escape from the digital authentication grind.

I suppose it is possible to have an immersive experience playing a game online by yourself, but what really makes us human is the interpersonal experiences we all crave. How can one have a poker face playing online? Isn't a poker face part of the appeal, trying to read your competitor? Doesn't your moves become more elevated too during an interpersonal gameplay which is how many gain mastery?

Does mind over matter, matters anymore? Isn't there still some significance to mental prowess? Is there a shift in the way we think about the importance of mental resilience, all due in fact, to virtual interactions. Amidst the digital noise, the essence of 'mind over matter' finds unexpected refuge in unconventional spaces. Board games, with their tactile nature and emphasis on strategy, stand as a testament to the enduring significance of cognitive abilities. The act of engaging in face-to-face gameplay fosters a unique environment where mental acuity is not only relevant but thrives.

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