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Does Online vs Tabletop Games Tap our Basic Instincts Equally?

Do you think tabletop games will ever go out of style? If that's the case, will chess and monopoly no longer be an interesting choice? Would you disagree there's more users of tabletop games over online games? Does both forms tap our basic instincts and desires equally? Is the lure of online vs tabletop games comparable?

There is obviously a distinction between online and tabletop games, yet both are known to be designed and played with a kind of flow that keep users immersed and absorbed into the game-world that has been designed. Video games are particularly good at this absorption. Before you know it, minutes turn into hours. User engagement is a product of this "flow" often striking a balance between challenge and skill to play the game. If a game is too boring, the player will get bored and lose focus. One that's too challenging creates frustration. Both these scenarios create advantages or disadvantages for tabletop as well as online games. Chess, even Poker can be challenging, but that is what's appealing, it draws on our basic instincts for competition, exploration, achievement and many times connection. This is universal, hence the appeal for both forms of games.

Notwithstanding the tangible and tactile experience of tabletop games, physical presence (and components) for the social user is what drive this form. No social isolation in this regard nor addiction and excessive screen time. Despite the fact that there is multiplayer engagement for online games too, it is not the driving force. Accessibility, graphics and sounds, solo play and the instant gratification for players is a big draw. Within both forms though is a structured and enjoyable environment where the experience of the challenges of defeat and triumph is expected.

Is there an online game that has not been updated or refreshed? Is there an online game that could remain the same, 10, 20, 30 years from now despite technological advancement. Remember many have become extinct. The game of monopoly for example, would an advancement in technology change the way it is played or if it's played? No, because it is tabletop. Tabletop games become collectibles and trading cards, satisfying another psychological need.

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