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Game Over or Game On? Will Board Games Stand the Test of Technology?

This is a serious question; will board games (tabletops) endure in the face of technological advancement or will it be shoved in a corner as a simple niche appeal due to the seismic shift that technology has afforded the gaming industry? Die hard tabletop gamers said it will never happen, even with the rise of sophisticated graphics and virtual reality, traditional board games stand resilient.

The glow of technological advancement makes tabletop games and their benefits seem dim, but is it? Also, is a digital revolution a fair match against analog gaming? These questions are valid in trying to confront the reality of the relentless march of technology. Undoubtedly, there's a conflict, yet it's crucial to recognize that a digital onslaught is not what it is. Board game lovers do dabble in the digital arena of games, but the nostalgia associated with board games always drive them back to their first love.

Three elements that will always drive people back to the unique charm of board games, which creates a disadvantage by the way, to the digital industry; face to face interaction, tangible and tactile experience and the social and interactive aspects.

Why abandon board games if they can now be integrated with technology. This is also where the niche appeal comes in handy because of the potential for customization and branded markets.

There is such a thing as the board game renaissance, due to its continuous resurgence. There are many board game cafes popping up in major cities around the world and board games are now part of many events, be it weddings or corporate, an indication that board games' destiny is still unfolding.

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