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How do You Mitigate Luck Outcomes in Board Games?

Updated: Jan 1

Rolling into the Future and unveiling some strategies in tabletop games, one has to wonder, is luck part of the strategy in board games? Can luck be shaped by the designer and how so? When you incorporate a deck of cards in a board game, you are basically controlling the degree of luck for a player. Custom dice with different sides influences probabilities, and mitigate luck outcomes.

If custom dice and a card deck can affect outcomes, most likely the probability management will be weighted against distribution and impact the frequency of certain plays. This balances luck's impact during gameplay.

Strategic depth can reduce the impact of luck. Designers can create games where player decisions, tactics, and strategic planning play a significant role, making luck less deterministic in determining the winner. Under these guises calculated risk can be implemented garnering risk-reward mechanics which increases the stakes for players to either opt for more risky moves with high rewards or play it safe for less lucrative ones.

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