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Master Investor Tradeshow & my Insecurities

I love how travelling and meeting new people from different walks of life can inform you. I was looking forward to attending the Master Investors Show in London, which was April of this year. So much so that it was one of a few tradeshows that I had paid to attend. I thought wow, a tradeshow for and about investors (investing), that should be interesting, and it was. It was worth it.

Here's what I realize about tradeshows, they do provide some great workshops and speakers. A lot of the time that's my focus, especially if the exhibitors at the different booth are not that interesting. The Master Investors Show was in a class by itself. The workshops were amazing. Jim Mellon, who they called the Warren Buffett of UK was one of the speakers that I wanted to meet and this cult wine fellow. Both of whom had some slight similarity to the games and service I provide. If it was not for my nerves continuously telling me to abort this mission, I would have stayed the whole day. My nerves got the best of me, unfortunately, and I left at the mid-point.

It's true that no matter how confident a person claims to be, there is always some kind of undercurrent of insecurity at some point. It got me good that day, fortunately not before I had the opportunity to get a picture with Jim and attended at least three of the workshops/talks.

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