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Plan for 100 years not just 1-10

Bonds are a guaranteed lost I learned at one of the talks at the Master Investor Show in April. But I learned something else that shifted my mindset big time, and that was to plan for 100 years instead of 1-10. Graham Rowan, Chairman of Beaufort Private Equity, was a breath of fresh air talking about successful investing in turbulent times.

How does one plan for 100 years, especially knowing that only a handful of us will live that long. Graham, was referring to the best type of investments to make, even though we are bound to experience turbulent times financially at various times within that 100-year span. He added that although real estate might be a solid option, private equity is where most the wealth is being created.

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Planning for 100 years correlates to the custom-made games we create at Sophia Burrell International, using a company's story and their service as narrative. Imagine your customers playing your game over and over again, building a lifelong relationship with your brand. Your company's story will become emblematic using our gamified framework.

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