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Probability Management: What Happens if you Eliminate Chance Entirely in Board Games?

Updated: Jan 23

Adjust probabilities to enhanced strategic decision-making without eliminating chance entirely is something board game designers grapple with. Probability management is crucial to ensure a board game is balanced. What's the intended gaming experience you want to achieve and the level of uncertainty you intend to have each player experienced, is the question. The objective and the overall uncertainty is part the game's overall strategy. Therefore, when considering probability distribution luck-driven or skill-based must be determined.

Probability is the measure of the likelihood that an event will occur. It's a possibility. It's not mandatory. Although probability is a branch of mathematics, in the context of board game design it is important in the balancing act of gameplay experiences. Too much randomness can create a big problem leading to frustrations as well as too little can make a game predictable.

If you eliminate chance entirely, it would appear that player's agency was not considered. Therefore providing them with meaningful choices make them feel their decisions influence the outcome.

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