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Business Hustle While Visiting London for the first time.

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I left New York City to spend some time in Paris. I quickly realized when I got there that as a businesswoman with a lot of hustle in me, promoting my business services in Europe, Paris particularly, was not suitable. The language barrier sucked. Don't get me wrong, Paris is beautiful and there's a lot to see but it was too touristy for my taste. I walked around Paris a lot, got lost a few times, but discovered so many different sites I never heard of. Despite its beauty I made the decision to go to London. So, I started checking event schedules for tradeshows, conferences, networking opportunities. I found plenty, and after 10 days in Paris, I left for London.

The business vibes felt just about right in London. Excel London had a lot of tradeshows that kept me busy. I didn't want my time in London to be just business though, so in between tradeshows and network meetings I would visit the famous spots London is known for. Indeed, I had to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament Building, London Tower Bridge, etc.

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