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Without the Shark Tank Treatment, how Does the Little guy get Investment?

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The uninitiated often assumes that the entrepreneurs who are crushing it, never had years and years of turmoil, failure, challenges and naysayers on their heels.

The ones lucky enough to get on Shark Tank and land a deal often had the same struggle before that opportunity came. It's always amazes me to see entrepreneurs on Shark Tank which leaves me wishing I could have that experience. The pitches are an eye-opening experience, and I always learn so much. Which leaves me wondering if such an opportunity came, would I be so lucky to get a golden ticket from Lori? Would Mr. Wonderful threaten to crush me like the cockroach he will assume I am?

How does an unknown entrepreneur with a high risk, high growth innovation get investment? Without the Shark Tank Treatment many stay in a grinding wonderland for years and for others never make it mainstream to even be considered. So, what does the entrepreneur do? Where do they go for help? I've attended many trade shows and during my trip to Europe made it a point of duty to attend as many as I possibly could when I was in London. The Master Investor Show in April was a fabulous experience, but as a newbie on the scene from the US, I was too nervous to use that opportunity fully and missed my chance.

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