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The art of Thinking Big is a Game-Inspired Strategy

Updated: Jan 1

We are, for the most part, left to own devices. So many of life's outcomes depend on the decisions and actions we take ourselves. Many of us, unaware of this power live in a state of blindness or succumb to society's expectations of what is deemed as best. In the game of life, we are suppose to rely on our own initiatives and determination, but do we? This is us being the player and the designer, having our own strategy guide, and yet we second-guess, get side-tracked, stay in an uncomfortable zone we fool ourselves into believing is comfortable.

The power of gamification, allows for a kind of imagination that sets you apart into a game-world turning everyday challenges into epic boss-like battles, turning personal development into fun so as to score some serious achievements, striving to get on another level knowing that every challenge is a chance to level up on our skills and mindset. Gamification allows for the inclusion of game elements to increase engagement, motivation and participation.

How does one even begin to design a life? If there's an art of thinking big, does it have to do with setting big goals? Is setting big goals everyone's right to their own winning strategy? Is it through this process that goals become achievement? There no zero-sum when you are designing your own life because it is an expanding opportunity that creates win-win scenarios.

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