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Solution Packages & Fees


Small Scale

This package includes customized card game, customized dice game only or a combination. The overall theme of each card game revolves around the company's story, brand message and services. The gameplay mechanics are formulated around the preference to strategy vs party game. Card deck of an amount ranging from 30-80 are visually appealing. 


Medium Scale

More intricate than a logo product, the medium board games present a meaningful representation of a company's narrative developed using a company's brand message, services, story and logo. For the medium scale, board game size 20x20 or 20x24 (quad fold) Card deck size of 30-60 cards, 6 tokens, wooden or chips, up to 3 custom dice.


Large Scale

A board game of grand scale exhibits remarkable dynamism, driven by its intricate gameplay mechanics, diverse components, extended duration, rich player engagement, and the intricate dance of multiplayer diplomacy. Arts and graphics will be added for visual appeal. Board game 19x29 (quad fold) with customized dice, card deck, and tokens (chips). 

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Your business is in Healthcare and Wellness.


Are you a therapist?

Mental health professional

Neurodivergent Therapist

CBT Therapist




Transformation Coach

Life Coach

Wellness Coach


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This is a 30-Day process.

40% Non-refundable deposit is required to start. Balance due upon deliverables.

We excel in blending strategic playfulness with your brand's essence/solutions, creating pure magic.

We understand that developing and showcasing your brand's message and personality in a crowded market can be challenging, that's why we will build your very own custom-made board game to showcase your story, services and values in the market and to your customers.


Imagine your customers playing your custom-made tabletop game over and over again, building a lifelong relationship with your brand. 

Think of the longevity of Monopoly, Chess, Poker, and other regular card games. This could be you, especially if you plan on being in business for the long haul.

1. Strategic brand elevation partner

2. A compelling branding sidekick that compliments & highlights your strengths.

3. Create a game-world experience with your brand message and story behind your services.

4. Showcases your differentiating value.

5. An innovative tool for greater impact.

6. Builds brand loyalty

7. Adds value and dollars to your bottom line.

Additionally, showcasing your differentiating value is building or reframing a bigger, bolder image that ultimately elevates the perception of your brand, and capture your audience attention on the playing field.

A picture of game components such as tokens, dice, chips.

Answer These Questions & Submit Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form and submit your answers to start the process.

1. What type of tabletop game are you interested in creating? (e.g. board game, card game only, dice game only, strategy game, etc.)

2. Do you have an idea of how complex you want the game to be? Are you thinking of the game as a cognitive perk, a sort of ticket to a healthier mind?

3. Should the game be quick, casual, intricate and long-lasting.

4. What is your budget for creating the game.

5. Are there any specific rules or elements you would like to incorporate?

6. How many players do you envision the game will include? Are these players part of your team at work or are they customers?

Thanks for submitting!

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