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Solution Packages & Fees


Small Scale

Each game delivery comprises the narrative of the company's story, their brand message and services. Often, their logo is interwoven within the design. A small-scale project refers to a board size of 20x20 or 20x24. Tailored deck size is 30-50 cards and 4 tokens, wooden or chips (i.e., players) and one custom dice. 


Medium Scale

More intricate than a logo product, these board games present a meaningful representation of a company's narrative such as their brand message, services, story and logo. For the medium scale, board game size is 19x29. Card deck size of 40-60 cards. 6 tokens, wooden or chips (i.e. players) and 2 custom dice.


Large Scale

A large-scale board game is very dynamic based on the design and the way the game is played. This design suggests more than one way to play the same game. For example, board game 19x29 with custom dice, deck of cards, tokens (chips). Also, the game can be played with cards only, and possibly board and chips only.

  1. Your business is in the service industry.

  2. You are a small - mid size company.

  3. You want your growing customer base to be clear about who you are and what you do, without any confusion about your brand's identity.

  4. You want a tool that's on the more advanced side of a logo product, that is engaging, carries more depth, flair, meaning of your brand message and story.

  5. You want to showcase your brand's personality, values and important elements of your mission/vision.

  6. You have a big personality that you want to showcase.


This is a 30-Day process.

40% Non-refundable deposit is required to start. Balance due upon deliverables.

We understand that developing and showcasing your brand's message and personality in a crowded market can be challenging, that's why we will build your very own custom-made board game to showcase your story, services and values.


Imagine your customers playing your custom-made tabletop game over and over again, building a lifelong relationship with your brand.

Think of the longevity of Monopoly, Chess, Poker, and other regular card games. This could be you, especially if you plan on being in business for the long haul.


1. Brand loyalty

2. Creating a game-world experience with your brand message.

3. Showcases your differentiating value.

4. An innovative tool for greater impact

5. Adds value and dollars to your bottom line.

Additionally, showcasing your differentiating value is building or reframing a bigger, bolder image that ultimately elevates the perception of your brand, and capture your audience attention on the playing field.

Our Happy Clients

"The game looks amazing. We ran out of cash before the game ended. We need a second deck of cards to include our program"

Chris Hill, CEO, Beat My Addictions

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